EDMs, milling machines

EDMs, milling machines

April 23, 2019

MC Machinery Systems Inc (Mitsubishi/EDM)

Laser/Waterjet/Alternative Machining

MC Machinery Systems encourages visitors to stop by booth #1426 May 14-16, 2019, at the Eastern States Exposition Center in West Springfield, Massachusetts, to learn about its newest advanced machining solutions. MC Machinery’s sales and applications teams will be on-site to provide machine demonstrations and answer any questions.

The machine lineup includes a few wire and sinker EDMs and milling machines like the TV-500, EA8SMV1200-SMV2400-ST, and Android.

The TV-500 is a milling and drilling tap machine that delivers fast, accurate machining with a 24,000rpm high-speed spindle, dual-contact tooling and a reliable automatic tool changer. The BBT30 dual-contact tooling delivers extra rigidity and better Z-axis depth control during operation. This machine is ideal for machining parts with multiple, deep, or threaded holes.

The EDM lineup is composed of the MV1200-S and MV2400-ST wire EDM and the EA8S sinker EDM. The MV2400-ST is specifically designed for larger-part production, capable of performing submerged cutting up to 16.5” deep. With an annealing length of over 21”, this system can thread the maximum workpiece height both at the start point and through the gap if needed for a broken wire recovery.