Advanced multi-tasking machine

Advanced multi-tasking machine

December 9, 2019

Mazak Corp.

The INTEGREX i-500, an advanced multi-tasking solution, offers four different spindle bore configurations depending on application requirements. A high torque/max rpm option is available. Additionally, a 30hp (22kW), 12,000rpm milling integral motor spindle rotates in the B-axis throughout a range of +210° and -30° from vertical. A compact milling spindle head, in conjunction with a generous Y-axis stroke of 16.93" (430mm), create an increased working capacity for larger applications. Optional milling spindle configurations include a 12,000rpm, 50hp (37kW) high-output spindle, a 20,000rpm, 32hp (24kW) high-speed spindle and a 10,000rpm, 50hp (37kW) CAT 50 taper spindle.

For increased versatility, the INTEGREX i-500 accommodates workpieces up to 27.56" (700mm) in diameter and 62.09" (1,577mm) / 96.65" (2,455mm) or 115.96” (2,920mm) in part lengths for the 1500U / 2500U / 3000U configurations, respectively. It is also able to meet the machining requirements of a wide variety of workpieces thanks to its tool magazine capacities, which range from the standard 36 tools up to the maximum of 220 in a 40 taper with field expansion capability or up to 108 tools in a 50 taper magazine.


Further options include a long drill stocker for the 2500U / 3000U models, a variety of steady rests capable of supporting workpieces up to 16.14" (410mm) in diameter, and an NC tailstock with built-in center. Optionally available for Done-In-One is a second spindle with three spindle bore options and for increase part throughput a 9-postion lower turret is available with 10,000rpm milling.