One-part UV curable coating, adhesive

One-part UV curable coating, adhesive

November 1, 2018

Master Bond Inc

Master Bond UV26 is a one-part UV curable system featuring an exceptionally high glass transition temperature (Tg) ranging from 160°C to 170°C. This NASA low outgassing certified compound also offers strong adhesion to a wide variety of substrates such as glass, surface treated metals, and many plastics. As a coating and adhesive, it is also capable of withstanding harsh chemicals including acids, bases, fuels, and many aggressive solvents.

This low-viscosity compound (250cps to 1,500cps at 75°F) cures rapidly upon exposure to a UV light source at a wavelength of 320nm to 365nm with an energy output as low as 20mW/cm2 to 40mW/cm2. With a refractive index of 1.55 at room temperature, this system features outstanding optical clarity. UV26 offers robust physical strength properties upon curing and is ideal for high performance bonding and coating applications. It features low shrinkage upon curing and serviceability from -60°F to 500°F (-51°C to 260°C).

Master Bond UV26 is 100% solids, does not contain any solvents or volatiles and is not oxygen inhibited. It is available for purchase in 10cc and 30cc syringes, 1/2-pint and 1-pint containers. The shelf life at 75°F is 6 months in the original unopened containers.