Pneumatic testing modules

Pneumatic testing modules

May 10, 2022

Marposs Corp

Tecna Delta TM3 pneumatic testing modules are well-suited for high production manufacturing. Very compact in size, these units can be placed right next to the product being tested, increasing the speed and sensitivity of the tests. Its high measurement resolution and test accuracy deliver extremely fast testing in less than one second.

Test visualization is easily seen through use of four LEDs: two yellow (test phases), green (passed), and red (failed). Calculation and visualization of leakage can be shown in cm3/minute or cm3/hour. It’s well-suited for applications, such as:

  • Positive and negative pressure leak testing to check tightness
  • Pressure peak and flow measurement of small check-valves to ensure they open properly
  • Flow measurement of small tubes to check the pipe is free of occlusions
  • Leak and flow tests

The TM3 has digital I/O interfaces for PLC connection, USB/RS485 for programming and data collection, and pre-loaded software – with 300 testing tables – to collect and manage tests of up to eight units. The software manager allows the collection and management of the test data, setup of program parameters and the SPC test data analysis. These pneumatic modules can also be connected to, and controlled by, any PLC and connected to an HMI terminal with 4.3" touchscreen display, supplied with dedicated software.

The Delta TM3 units come in two sizes – the 10-bar model, measuring 3.3" x 2.75" x 4.72" and the 20-bar model, measuring 3.93" x 3.93" x 4.72".

These systems are available in various models:

  • The TM3P uses absolute pressure decay methodology with leak test up to 20 bar and in vacuum with resolution up to 0.1Pa (0.001 mbar)
  • The TM3PD uses differential methodology with leak test up to 30 bar with resolution up to 0.1Pa and differential full scale from 10mbar to 50mbar. Calculation and visualization of leakage can be shown in cm3/minute or cm3/hour.
  • The TM3PF offers the ability to perform both pressure decay leak and flow testing concurrently or sequentially.  It can perform flow tests from 25cm3/min up to 160 l/min with resolution up to 0.01cm3/min.  Full scale pressure is from 500mbar up to 10 bar with resolution up to 0.1Pa.