Marposs' optical inspection systems for stator hairpins

Marposs' optical inspection systems for stator hairpins

July 13, 2022

Marposs Corp
Marposs, a world leader in measurement, inspection, and test technologies, announced a non-contact measuring system for performing dimensional verification of hairpins used in stator windings. Through optical inspection using three proprietary high-resolution cameras featuring telecentric optics, the system measures the head, tail, and roof of the hairpin with the goal of keeping lengths, widths and twisting under control. This helps to avoid problems during rotor assembly, avoiding damage to the insulation paper inside the rotor slots.

The challenge is producing single hairpins to properly fit the stator grooves. This is complicated because hairpins are made of thin copper bar, and inherently weak. Traditional contact systems, or use of reference profile masks/jigs, can easily deform the intended shape.

The Marposs non-contact system positions the hairpin on tempered glass with reference points for pin placement. The measurement cycle acquires three images in sequence, one image for each camera. The processing software identifies the pivotal points of the part, enabling reconstruction of the required dimensions and ensuring accuracy. The entire measurement cycle is accomplished in only five seconds.

The system is for operation in the workshop or lab environment and provides the flexibility to measure a variety of parts. It can be provided as a manual-loaded test bench or designed for integration into an automated production line for 100% product inspection.

Optional offerings to complement the optical hairpin inspection system include Marposs SPC software for statistic elaboration and data transfer, and a station for gaging the stripped area of the hairpin.