Compact display unit for simple gaging

Compact display unit for simple gaging

January 10, 2019

Marposs Corp

Auburn Hills, Michigan – Marposs has announced the availability of its Duo premium compact electronic display unit. Similar in size to a smart phone, Duo is small and powerful, featuring a 4.3" touch screen unit for display and storage of measuring data acquired through one or two sensors.

Duo is for simple manual applications when only a few measurements are needed on the shop floor. Featuring two sensor input channels, it can simultaneously display two measurements at once in either analog of digital. The system is portable, easy to configure, and provides clear visualization of measurement status.

Duo is designed to work with Marposs LVDT/HVT manual gages, such as bore gages M1 and M1 Star, snap gages M3 Star, ring gages M4 and M4 Star, and Red Crown/Red Crown2 displacement sensors with a measuring range up to ±5mm. Data collected can be exported through the USB port or the optional Fieldbus port.