Table-top laser micrometer

Table-top laser micrometer

May 21, 2020

Marposs Corp

The Aeroel Wirelab.XY table-top laser micrometer is designed for off-line checking of drawn or extruded products that demand high accuracy, measuring diameter and ovality of wire samples, optical fibers, and magnet wire including transparent products, as well as checking die diameter by measuring the drawn wire.

Wirelab uses an Xactum series laser gauge, which allows fast and repeatable measurements in a wide range of diameters. These systems are ultra-accurate, highly-flexible, extremely fast, and easy to use regardless of operator skill level. These systems are offered at competitive prices with quality certification and a three-year guarantee.

The Wirelab system measurement is made by placing the part on a V block. The part is measured in two orthogonal directions in such a way to calculate both the diameters, their difference, and the average diameter. Using a special fixture to manually rotate the part, the diameter can be measured over 360° of the circumference to precisely measure the maximum and minimum ovality. The measured values are displayed on a highly visible backlit LCD display where they are compared with tolerance limits to check the dimensional conformity of the part.

Wirelab.XY systems are available in two styles; the XY13 with a measuring field of 13mm x 13mm or 4mm x 4mm, a diameter range of 0.03mm to 10mm and repeatability up to ± 0.03 µm, or the XY35 with a measuring field of 35mm x 35mm, a diameter range from 0.2mm to 32mm and  a repeatability up to ± 0.3µm. All Aeroel lasers systems can have a resolution up to 0.01µm. Both systems come with Wirelab software that is easy to program, features a library of 1000s of products and permanent self-calibration.

Through the RS232 serial port or the Ethernet link, the Wirelab can be connected to an external PC. By using the GageXcom software, all measured data are presented in real time on an Excel spread sheet to allow further data processing by the user. Wirelab systems are ultra-accurate, highly-flexible, and extremely fast and easy to use regardless of operator skill level.