Automated coolant system

Automated coolant system

January 13, 2022

LNS America Inc.

Unattended and lights-out production are possible if all aspects of the process are self-sufficient, including maintaining coolant levels and concentration. Combining products from LNS North America and 168 Manufacturing ensures coolant levels are automatically maintained, and clean coolant is recycled from the chip hopper to reduce coolant and labor costs.

The FullShop Automated Coolant Management System from 168 Manufacturing automatically manages coolant levels and concentrations by sensing and pumping properly mixed coolant to as many as 120 CNC machines. The LNS Venturi Pump continuously removes and filters coolant from the chip hopper and returns it to the machine sump, eliminating cross contamination from central recycling.

The combined systems significantly reduce coolant usage, eliminate the need to manually top off coolant, and increase chip hopper volume by removing residual coolant so removing chips from the hopper is quicker, cleaner, and easier.

Data from production at 168 Manufacturing’s parent company Precision Tool Technologies, Inc. on a universal turning machine equipped with both products indicate annual savings of over 200 gallons of coolant is possible.