High alkaline aqueous cleaner

High alkaline aqueous cleaner

October 5, 2021



Nashville, Tennessee – METALNOX M6324R is a high alkaline aqueous cleaning chemistry that has proven effective in both spray and immersion cleaning processes to clean steel parts. M6324R effectively removes water-insoluble oils, heavy greases, deep draw stamping compounds, and other difficult soils, including oxides and burned on carbon. It is extensively used in high-speed stamping or reel-to-reel operations where wash exposure time is short.

METALNOX M6324R is a low foaming, non-emulsifying chemical blend. The oil splitting formula allows for a longer bath life and a lower steady-state bath soil load, thus providing cleaner parts in a cost-effective cleaning operation. Rinse with KYZEN CP90K to provide extended rust protection. Not recommended to clean aluminum, brass, or copper substrates.

KYZEN plans to exhibit at HOUSTEX 2021, taking place Oct. 5-7, 2021, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. The KYZEN Clean Team will be highlighting METALNOX M6324R at Booth #1106. KYZEN looks forward to safely connecting or reconnecting with everyone at the show.