KONTEC KSX NC Vise Clamping System

KONTEC KSX NC Vise Clamping System

December 17, 2012

Schunk Inc.


The KONTEC KSX NC vise from Schunk is a powerful clamping system for simultaneous 5-axis machining. The compact and easily accessible clamping system can handle tool-free adjustable clamping forces between 4kN and 40 kN, (measured directly at the workpiece.) This offers a safe and secure hold, even for minimum clamping surfaces. The support surfaces at a height of 211mm ensure that the workpieces are easily accessible from all sides. With just one lever rotation, they are quickly clamped, resistant to vibrations, and have a high repeat accuracy. Since the unit is draw bar actuated, the bending load at the base body is highly reduced. Moreover, the long guiding system and the arrangement of the clamping mechanism ensure a very stiff, dimensionally stable set-up. The drive and the adjustment mechanism of the 5-axis clamping vise are completely encapsulated and thus protected against chips, dirt, and coolant, and the easy-to-clean design reduces build-up of chip clusters.

The KONTEC KSX fits smoothly into the Schunk modular system for highly efficient workpiece clamping. Therefore, the clamping pins of the VERO-S quick-change pallet system can be directly integrated into the base body of the 5-axis clamping vise. Combined with the quick-change pallet system it can be quickly exchanged with a maximum repeat accuracy on the machine table. Optionally, the vise can be equipped with standard, aluminum, special 5-axis top jaws, or pendulum plates and many other standard chuck jaws from the world’s largest standard chuck jaw program from Schunk. The clamping range of the KONTEC KSX lies between 0mm and 250mm. By using draw bar and base body extensions, the clamping range can be enlarged to 749mm.