Stainless steel assembly pins

Stainless steel assembly pins

January 5, 2018

JW Winco
Assembly Design Components

New Berlin, Wisconsin – JW Winco Inc., A Ganter Co, a supplier of standard industrial machine components, is offering GN 2342 stainless steel assembly pins.

Depending on the requirement, there are three washer types to choose from, which place the bolt in an axial position in its insertion direction. The washer with eyelet (Type E), the assembly pin, and a corresponding spring cotter pin can be secured to prevent loss using a retaining cable or ball chain. The washer with mounting shackle (Types L) simultaneously acts as loss protection and anti-rotation protection.

The assembly pin and washer are stainless steel, as is the countersunk screw, which is not removable and Loctited in place.

The assembly pins are RoHS-compliant.