Gripping trays

Gripping trays

June 5, 2019

JW Winco
Design Components
In contrast to typical handles, GN 7332 & GN 7330 gripping trays with front or back mounting options are flush to the surface, making them appropriate for applications that require saving space. The gripping trays are used for the pulling or lifting of cabinet doors, door hatches, and entry doors.

With the sealed front mounting versions, countersunk sealing screws, together with the sealed back side of the gripping tray, prevents the entry of fluids or dust into the housing interior where the tray is being mounted to.

The GN 7330 gripping trays are made of die-cast zinc and supplied with a powder coating in either black or silver. Coating in a different color is available upon request.

The GN 7332 stainless steel gripping trays are made of high-quality deep-drawn, rust-free stainless steel with the surface blasted to a fine matte finish.

On each of the versions, the threaded studs used to mount the tray from the back are not visible from the front.