Two-stage chip conveyor, coolant filter

Two-stage chip conveyor, coolant filter

December 31, 2020

Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions

The EcoFilter Conveyor from Jorgensen Conveyor and Filtration Solutions is the first competitively priced conveyor and filtration system for entry-level and mid-priced turning and machining centers, as well as larger, higher-priced machines.

The second generation EcoFilter uses an innovative two-stage metal chip removal and coolant filtration design. A hinged steel belt conveyor handles primary removal of large chips. In a secondary process, a flow-through filtration cell separates fines from coolant. Heavy-duty brushes attached to the bottom side of the belt wipe these fines from the surface of the filter cell, where they flow to the bottom of the conveyor via the patent-pending CleanCleat. Standard angle cleats on the bottom run of the conveyor belt then scrape the separated fine chips back to the top of the belt for discharge.

The EcoFilter offers numerous advantages that can increase productivity and profitability. It dramatically reduces the number of chips that migrate to the coolant tank, which decreases the frequency of tank cleanout and the amount of downtime required for maintenance at the same time that it greatly improves pump, tooling and coolant life. The environmentally friendly EcoFilter design uses no consumables, and its single-drive design reduces energy consumption. For convenience, EcoFilter Ready conveyors are available for field conversion to EcoFilter.

Jorgensen customers report positive results using the EcoFilter Conveyor. In a high-volume operation that machined aluminum parts on a vertical machining center, a large percentage of chips filled the coolant supply tank, necessitating multiple daily clean-outs of tank baskets and screens, and weekly production downtime to clean out the tank. Chip migration into pump inlets fouled machine supply pumps and caused them to fail, forcing the installation of filters on the inlets. When blinded off, these filters caused the pumps to cavitate, producing foam in the coolant. The system frequently backed up and coolant flooded the shop floor.

With Jorgensen’s EcoFilter Conveyor in place, the customer enjoyed uninterrupted 24-hour/5-days-per-week production. “The filter cell built into the conveyor has stopped the fines from getting into the tank, and the coolant is no longer foaming up,” the customer stated, adding that, “this new EcoFilter Conveyor has by far exceeded my expectations. The most problematic machine tool in our shop is now the most hassle free.”