Product design testing services

Product design testing services

July 30, 2020

Jamco America

Everett, Washington – Jamco America Inc., an experienced interior products suppliers and turnkey aircraft interiors integrator, announces its extensive testing capabilities for industries including aerospace, automotive, space, defense, and marine products. With test facilities that include mechanical properties, static load, fire properties, ballistic, and environmental testing, as well as a complete, FAA-accepted dynamic test facility, Jamco America experts can help companies evaluate products at almost every stage in the design cycle.

Jamco America’s comprehensive dynamic test facility [below] is one of only a small number of FAA-accepted facilities in the U.S. Equipped with an accelerator-type impact system; the facility is capable of testing products in highly specified acceleration profiles. It also includes extensive sensors and data acquisition technology to maximize information generated and processed from each testing profile.

The materials testing lab is ideal for earlier phases in the design process, when it is necessary to evaluate the mechanical properties of new materials, particularly metals and advanced composites. This test facility can evaluate the tensile strength, compression strength, and other key mechanical properties at room temperature and elevated temperature profiles.

Their extensive testing facilities also include fire properties testing, acoustic testing [shown above], static load testing, ballistic testing, and product cycle testing to evaluate the life cycle of a component or assembly. Regardless of the phase of development a customer’s products are in, Jamco America experts can provide extensive testing data for optimizing product performance. In addition to decades of experience in the aerospace industry, individuals on the Jamco America testing team are experienced in product testing and other applications.

For more information about specific testing, costs, and availability details, visit this web page.