Horn’s modular reaming for large bores

Horn’s modular reaming for large bores

November 22, 2021



The latest DR tool offers easy handling and high-precision thanks to the proven technology of the DR system. The large number of cutting edges and high feed rates reduce cycle time and machining costs. Modular construction and solid carbide inserts offer the user exceptional flexibility. Tool setting is not necessary when exchanging the cutter’s head as HORN offers reconditioning service for the DR-Large system. The versatile and powerful interchangeable high-feed reamer is perfectly suited for finishing large bores from 140mm (5.512”) to 200.2mm (7.881”).

The modular construction of the reaming tools can be extended to any length with beta module standard components. The beta module interface is ABS-compatible. HORN offers six types of cutter heads to cover the entire range of diameters in 10mm (0.394”) increments. All cutter heads are manufactured with internal through coolant to each cutting edge. The custom insert interface offers extreme precision and insert interchangeability within microns.

High-precision, high-feed reaming is a very economical machining process compared to the boring of tight tolerance holes. The motivation behind DR-Large is the customer demand to replace large diameter tools with inserts brazed into a fixed position and tools that are diameter specific. The fixed tools require delicate handling, are often heavy, require skilled users, and present logistical challenges when replacing worn tools. HORN offers a perfect solution with the DR-Large pre-calibrated exchangeable reaming head.