Telescoping linear slide

Telescoping linear slide

August 28, 2019

Helix Linear Technologies
Motion Control

Cleveland, Ohio – Helix Linear Technologies has launched the Telescoping Linear Slide product line. These precision telescoping slides are used in CNC machine doors, logistics automation robots, aircraft seats, medical equipment and patient beds, fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Helix's Telescoping Rails carry high loads and offer long life with corrosion protection for demanding applications.

Telescoping slides are suitable for automation applications and can move loads as high as 3,800kg per pair of guides. Helix Telescoping Slides offer extensions up to 150% of the closed rail length.

Key Features

• Torsionally rigid

• Full or partial telescopic strokes are available

• Low deflection and smoothness of movement even in high load and high duty cycle applications

• Custom versions and strokes available