High accuracy ring encoder

High accuracy ring encoder

March 11, 2020

Heidenhain Corp.

Motion Control

Schaumburg, Illinois – Heidenhain introduces a new mid-range high accuracy ring encoder for position measurement applications that require high tolerance to contamination but don’t demand the accuracy of an optical encoder.

The new ERM 2203 ring encoders are suitable for applications such as gear-wheel grinding machines and others that require similar high accuracy but must operate in an often-contaminated environment.

The ERM 2203 retains the 200µm signal period as other current ERM products, though the graduation error has been reduced by approximately 30%. Also, the interpolation error has been cut in half and reversal error has been negated compared to other ERM encoders. All these improvements enable the ERM 2203 to be mechanically and electronically compatible to other Heidenhain ERM and can be substituted in those applications that require a higher level of performance.

Compared to other encoder technologies in machine tool applications, the ERM 2203 is a good alternative due to its high accuracy combined with its sturdiness. And compared to other encoder products using magnetic scanning technology, the ERM 2203 offers a significantly higher line count along with a lower interpolation error and generous mounting tolerances in the axial direction.

The ERM 2203 series is currently available in the 1Vpp interface with both distance-coded reference marks and single reference marks. Other interfaces will soon be available.