Absolute angle, linear encoders

Absolute angle, linear encoders

June 23, 2020



For those needing functionally safety-rated (FS) contamination-resistant encoders for machine feedback, AMO - a Heidenhain brand - introduces FS absolute angle and linear encoders. While FS machines are a standard requirement in the European Union, machine manufacturers outside the EU are now seeing the benefit of including FS in their machines. With these encoders in use on FS-certified machines, a user can confidently operate in the area of this machinery knowing extra safety measures are in place for their benefit.

Possible FS-machine applications include robotic shuttles, pick-and-place machines, AGVs and CNC & manual mills, lathes, and grinders, among others. FS AMO absolute encoders are available in the WMKA 2010 angle encoder and both the LMKA 2010 (non-guided) and LMKA 3010 (guided) linear encoders. 

AMO FS encoders are available with either EnDat 2.2 or Siemen’s Drive-CLiQ interfaces. In conjunction with a safe control, they can be used as single-encoder systems in applications with control category SIL 2 (as per EN 61508) and with performance level d (as per EN ISO 13849).

Existing non-FS interfaces for AMO encoders include Fanuc, SSI with 1Vpp, BiSS/C, Mitsubishi, and EnDat (without FS). All these AMO encoders have an IP67 rating and can be ordered now.