Brushless DC motors with CANopen

Brushless DC motors with CANopen

October 4, 2019

Haydon Kerk Pittman
Motion Control Motors/Drive

Harleysville, Pennsylvania – Haydon Kerk Pittman’s latest addition to its popular line of brushless DC motors, the EC042B IDEA® Motor Series, is now available with CANopen communication-enhancing motion control capabilities.

The IDEA Motor is designed for real-time embedded motion control and is suited for autonomous precise execution of complex single-axis motion.

CANopen communications ports are integrated for highly flexible configuration capabilities, implementing higher-layer communication protocols and device profile specifications to synchronize motion among multiple motors.

Save time using a pre-engineered, factory-configured, and tested servo system. Immediately generate complex precise motion sequences by using a free Graphical User Interface that provides an intuitive programming environment to quickly develop, save, and debug complex motion sequences. Since the connections between the drive and motor are made internally, users can simply connect power, optional I/O connections, and communications, and the IDEA Motor is ready to operate, available with CANopen or RS-485 communication.

The IDEA Motor’s integrated package of motor, drive, and feedback connections makes a compact, programmable unit. A single motor/drive unit reduces motion system components by up to 75% per axis and simplifies machine troubleshooting. Further reductions are possible by wiring sensor inputs and control outputs directly to the IDEA Motor, rather than through a control cabinet.

The EC042B IDEA Motor is available in three motor lengths, each with optional factory-configurable gearboxes. The wide range of reduction ratios and torque capabilities enable optimized performance for motion applications that require precision and compact packing, such as lab automation, medical devices, communications equipment, semiconductor processing equipment, aerospace systems, and many others.