Hardinge T42SP MSY Turning Center

Hardinge T42SP MSY Turning Center

August 13, 2013

Hardinge Inc.


Hardinge T-series machines are the culmination of many years of Hardinge expertise in SUPER-PRECISION and high-performance turning. The Hardinge T-series machines are ideal for 2-axis, high-precision machining or complex multi-tasking operations that require a high level of precision; delicate part handling; and parts made complete in a single setup. Their SUPER-PRECISION technology provides grinding like qualities with overall continuous machining accuracy of three micron.

The Hardinge T42SP MSY Turning Center features:

  • A2-5, 16C collet-ready spindle providing cutting closest to the spindle bearings for the industry’s best part rigidity
  • 6,000rpm, 42mm bar capacity, 11kW spindles (main and sub)
  • 12 turret stations (all live tooling capable)
  • Hardinge exclusive HARCRETE-reinforced cast iron base for unmatched stability
  • Custom macro B
  • Linear glass scales on each axis
  • Fanuc 31i Control
  • Soft turning and hard turning on the same machine

Hardinge’s T-series has an overall axis repeatability of .76µ, part roundness of .25µ and part surface finish of .15µ.