Hamar Laser's L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser

Hamar Laser's L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser

June 14, 2022

Hamar Laser


Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc., a provider of laser alignment, introduced the L-703 Bore & Spindle Alignment Laser, a compact and versatile laser with many applications, including bore alignment, barrel and cylinder straightness, spindle alignments and hard-to-align twin-barrel extruders.

“One of our overall design goals is to make our lasers smaller, more versatile and at a lower price whenever possible,” said Rod Hamar, President of Hamar Laser Instruments. “So, when we designed our L-703 to replace our L-706 Bore laser a nice ‘problem’ happened: we found out it quite nicely solved a long-standing application request we’ve had for twin-barrel extruders, and we created an alignment package for these extruders that we think is a ‘first’ in the laser alignment market. Demand for the L-703 is high and we began getting orders for the new multi-purpose laser before the design was finalized.”

Hamar Laser’s new L-703 is combined with the company’s patented self-centering bore-measuring targets for extruders in the L-703 Twin-Barrel Extruder Alignment System kit, which also includes Hamar Laser’s new A-703T Spline-Shaft Adapter, A-510 2-Axis Target, bore adapters, readout, and accessories. Additional L-703 Laser kits for other applications, including bore and spindle alignment and surface plate calibration, will roll out later this year.

Customers with the L-705 Extruder Borescope Laser for single-barrel extruders can now align twin-barrel extruders by purchasing just the L-703 Laser and A-703T Adapter and use the rest of the L-705 system components. Designed specifically for the L-703 Laser, the A-703T Adapter positions the laser on the end of the spline shafts on twins for alignments in tight spaces and features an adjustable centering plate to accurately indicate-in the center mounting hole to the rotation axis.