Linear motion tool presetter

Linear motion tool presetter

November 14, 2019

Haimer USA

For fully automatic high-end tool presetting with customizable options, VIO Linear Presetter provides high precision and fast axis-positioning through linear motion. The result is smoother actuation that is 25% faster than other automated presetters on the market.

With the VIO Linear, tool measuring can be fully automated such that assemblies can be measured at the push of a button. The machine rotates the tool, lowers the arm and positions the spindle. Placement and focusing of the camera are also automatic. The VIO Linear does it all without a lot of human intervention for a reduction in errors and greater repeatability in measuring.

Now available with a manual Y-axis. It offers the user the possibility to move the optics carrier by ±100mm in the Y direction, to get the cutting edge into the focus plane of the camera and to also measure tools carrying non-centered cutting edges.

The VIO Linear comes standard with autofocus, motorized fine adjustment, an incident light, an edgefinder, a premium base cabinet which includes storage for nine adapters, and user management. Robust cast iron construction ensures equipment longevity and a thermally optimized material combination allows for ±2µm measurement repeatability. Other standard features include:

  • ISS-U universal ultra-high precision spindle with automatic adapter identification
  • Fast, silent and high accurate cutting edge approach by unique linear drive
  • Data exchange and data transfer to the machine tool (Integration of all popular RFID systems)
  • 24” multi-touch screen
  • Sigma function
  • Unlimited tool memory
  • Swiveling operating panel
  • 2µm spindle runout