Large workpiece grinding center

Large workpiece grinding center

February 3, 2020

Haas Multigrind LLC

Warsaw, Indiana – The Haas Multigrind CB XL 5-axis CNC grinding center machines up to 3,200mm workpieces in one chucking. The machine is a response to a trend towards complete machining large workpieces in one clamping.

Manufacturers of large diameter, long length parts with complex, precise features want these large parts processed from one piece in one machine cycle. Combining multiple operations into a single clamping and into a single machine cycle improves precision, lowers labor and handling costs, allows fewer machines, reduces floor space requirements, and increases throughput.

Parts such as hob cutters, broaches, geared shafts, cutting rotors, winch drives, racks, and guideways are suitable for the grinding center, where precision, quality and process reliability are paramount.

Due to its symmetric design, the Haas Multigrind CB XL maintains stability and rigidity, regardless of part length. The effects of thermal growth are minimized because the grinding contact point is always in the center of the box frame. The axis configuration reduces unwanted transitions or vibrations.

The mineral cast bed and high-precision linear drive in the machine table ensure stable processes and repeatable grinding results. There is room on the machine table for up to four work supports. Four telescoping doors ease loading and unloading and machine setup.

The Multigrind CB XL is available in four incremental lengths for workpieces from 1,400mm to 3,200mm.