Maintenance, support subscription service

Maintenance, support subscription service

November 19, 2021

GF Machining Solutions

The Success Packs, available in the tiered levels Bronze, Bronze +, Silver or Silver +, are designed to improve machine lifecycles, maximize ROI, and offer a direct line to GF Machining Solutions experts, enabling customers to achieve their desired business growth and maximize their productivity goals. Each Success Pack is customized to a specific customer profile and offers benefits such as faster access to service, 24-hour machining and support helplines, remote assistance, maintenance, and servicing as well as targeted support and consultations from experts.

Introducing Service + Success
Service + Success combines the proactivity and experience of GF Machining Solutions' trusted experts backed by latest intelligent Digital Solutions and hands-on interventions; providing customers purposeful and strategic advice regarding their business development needs and how they can best leverage GF Machining Solutions to meet their goals and objectives.

“Markets and industries are moving away from the limitations of a product-centric model to a more dynamic, service-oriented model,” GF Machining Solutions President Ivan Filisetti says.

“Since 1802 we have kept abreast of customer demand, and provided industry with the very best products, backed by targeted, specialist expertise. Today, Service + Success represents the most innovative, efficient, and modern way of servicing customers and anticipating their needs; we now are viewed as a true partner by our clients, whether it's in the realm of operational steering, advanced diagnosis, certification, upgrades, training, transformation, or financial solutions. Our updated service offering, with tailored Packs, better suits customer needs and their desire for on-demand support and advice,” Filisetti says.

Success Packs
“The Success Packs have been conceived to guarantee the access and support customers' need to get the most out of assets today, while preparing for the challenges of tomorrow,” GF Machining Solutions Head of Customer Services Antonio Faccio says.

“The subscription service creates an enhanced customer experience based on convenience and customization and represents a leap in customer proximity and reactivity. Being closer to our customers means we can respond even more swiftly and precisely to their demands and be a true partner in their success,” Faccio says.