Protective coatings field kit

Protective coatings field kit

July 2, 2019

Paul N. Gardner Company Inc.
MRO Quality/Metrology

BYK offers a complete solution to evaluate the environmental conditions prior to painting with a film thickness gauge to evaluate the paint thickness in accordance with SSPC PA-2. Comes with BYK byko-test Fe/NFe Dry Film Thickness Gauge, BYK a200 Thermo-anemometer, BYK m200 Moisture Meter, BYK t200 IR Thermometer and Carrying Case.


BYK byko-test Fe/NFe (certified)

• Measures dry film thickness, air temperature, relative humidity, and dew point

• Complies with SSPC PA-2 and ASTM D7091 for the measurement of coating thickness

• Large, rotating color display is readable in high or low light conditions

BYK a200 Thermo-anemometer

• Measures air temperature, air velocity, relative humidity

• For indoor applications to check walk-in drying ovens, spray booths, or ambient air-drying room

• Can be used outdoors to calculate dew point to determine the right painting conditions

BYK m200 Moisture Meter

• Verifies moisture content, readiness for coating

• Use to determine correct drying/curing of raw materials

• Works with most hygroscopic building materials

BYK t200 IR Thermometer

• Non-contact temperature measurement device for indoor, outdoor surface applications

• Laser-targeting feature shows location of temperature measurement

• Backlit display for use in poor lighting conditions

Item No. DF-B3795