Adhesion test analyzer

Adhesion test analyzer

September 19, 2018

Paul N. Gardner Company Inc.

The Adhesion Test Analyzer (ATA) takes guesswork and subjectivity out of rating the classification of adhesion results as defined in the ASTM D3359 standard.

The cross-hatch tape test method, also known as ASTM D3359, is a simple qualitative means of classifying a coating's adhesion. The problem with this method alone is that if some amount of coating is removed from the substrate after the test, and it can be difficult to properly estimate the percentage removed and the resulting classification rating.

The ATA can automatically calculate and discover the classification rating of a coating. Since the test site has been digitized to calculate the amount of coating removed, it is easy to share electronically with interested parties.


  • Take guesswork out of test results
  • Improve repeatability of testing program
  • Easily share test results electronically

What’s Included

  • Apple-branded smart device
  • A.T.A. smart device app
  • Power bank for charging in the field
  • Hard carrying case
  • AC adapter, cable
  • 9V battery for internal LED ring light within stand
  • Instruction manual