Metal 3D printing calculator

Metal 3D printing calculator

February 3, 2021


The ExOne Company has launched a new online estimating tool for companies considering moving production of metal parts to high-speed binder jet 3D printing.

The ExOne Production Metal Cost Calculator is designed to provide manufacturers with a per-part estimate for binder jet 3D printing a precision metal part so they can quickly compare the technology to other forms of traditional and additive manufacturing.

The new tool requires just a few easy inputs – material, machine, part dimensions and volume – and is based on the purchase of any one of ExOne’s four Pro series printers, a lineup that competes with existing systems from Digital Metal and new binder jet systems from Desktop Metal, GE and HP.

“As customers compare new binder jetting options in the marketplace, we wanted to provide greater transparency into the affordable costs of binder jetting with ExOne technology,” said John Hartner, ExOne’s CEO. “Our new estimating tool takes a comprehensive range of costs into account, such as initial capital investment, throughput speeds, material, binder, replacement printheads, and more. Our team is confident that our high-speed systems offer the best value in terms of build area, throughput, consumable costs, material flexibility, and experience.”

ExOne’s production-ready lineup includes the:

  • X1 25Pro large metal 3D printer, which launched in 2019 and is being successfully used by many manufacturers worldwide today. It offers a maximum build rate of 3,600cc/hr, which makes it faster and more affordable to operate than comparably sized systems in the market today.
  • X1 160Pro extra-large metal 3D printer, which is in production at ExOne’s German facility and shipping to customers soon. With a maximum print speed of 10,000cc/hr, the 160Pro is ExOne’s 10th and most anticipated metal printer ever – offering the best value when considering size, speed, and material flexibility. Market demand for the 160Pro has been stronger than expected.
  • InnoventPro, which comes to market in late 2021 with a 3-liter or 5-liter build volume and is a faster version of the Innovent+ – the world’s most popular metal binder jetting system since 2016. Final specifications for the InnoventPro will be released closer to production in late 2021.