Thread mills for nickel alloys

Thread mills for nickel alloys

May 3, 2019

Emuge Corp
Machining Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

West Boylston, Massachusetts – Emuge Corp. has introduced advanced Threads-all ZGF-S-Cut Solid Carbide Thread Mills featuring multiple teeth, a helical flute form, and multi-layer TiAlN T46 coating. ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills increase tool life more than 10x that of conventional tools and produce precise threads in exotic materials including Inconel, nickel-based superalloys, Monel, titanium, and 420 stainless steel.

The thread mills are a solution when threading Inconel and other high-temperature alloys because the heat is carried away during chip evacuation and does not stay with the part. The tools produce finer threads in aerospace applications such as engines, connecting rods, and landing gear, as well as in other components comprised of exotic materials.

For increased tool life and productivity, Emuge ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills have multiple teeth, the first acting as a rougher and the next two teeth performing finishing. By dividing functions into three cutting edges, speeds and feeds can be increased, and threads can be produced in a single pass. A 10° left-hand helical flute form and chamfer geometry combine to optimize chip evacuation in the forward direction and add strength to the cutting teeth for enhanced tool life and process security. For increased tool strength, Emuge ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills have multiple flutes.

The tools are available in 2xD lengths, have coolant-fed options starting at 1/4" diameter, and one tool easily makes STI threads for both through and blind holes. ZGF-S-Cut Thread Mills are offered in inch sizes ranging from No.2 or M3 through 7/16 or M10.