Twin-spindle, twin-turret, dual Y-axis turning center

Twin-spindle, twin-turret, dual Y-axis turning center

August 2, 2018

Doosan Machine Tools America

Pine Brook, New Jersey – At IMTS 2018 in Booth #339100, Doosan Machine Tools will be featuring the new generation PUMA TT2100SYY twin spindle, twin turret, dual Y axis turning center. This latest addition to the respected PUMA lineup is ideal for medical and aerospace applications that require high throughput of complex workpieces. The addition of Y-axis capability on both the upper and lower turrets not only provides off center machining capability, it adds an incredible amount of flexibility with respect to what can be accomplished on either turret. This ability to handle such a wide range of machining processes on one CNC unit is what makes the TT2100SYY a super productive multitasking machine.

For example, the dual turrets on the TT2100SYY allow simultaneous OD and ID cutting to a workpiece in the main spindle. Simultaneous milling and turning of parts in both the main and sub spindle can deliver multiple finished pieces off of one cycle. Operations can be combined by machining one side of the part in the main spindle and finishing it in the sub spindle. For long shaft parts, synchronize both spindles and then pinch turn to cut down on cycle time, or use a steady rest support in the lower turret for a rigid cut.

The main and sub spindle on the TT2100SYY feature 25Kw (34hp) motors that turn at 5,000rpm outputting 223N-m (165 ft-lbs) of torque. Doosan’s unique spindle bearing design creates added rigidity to the spindle meaning better surface finishes and longer tool life. A 12 station turret with 24 positions accommodates BMT tooling and rotates at 5,000rpm. An 8" chuck is standard (options available).

The live tool drive runs on a 7.5kw (10hp) motor that outputs 47.7Nm (35 ft-lbs) of torque and can handle a maximum tap size of M16. It is designed with air + oil lubrication on the gear and bearings that not only lowers noise levels but increases reliability by reducing heat buildup.

The TT2100SYY is built upon a 45-degree solid base casting that has gone through finite element analysis to guarantee stability. Additional rigidity is provided a larger roller type LM guideway. Maximum productivity can be achieved with options that enable unmanned operations, such as a bar feeder, part catcher or part unloader.