Entry level robot

Entry level robot

February 12, 2020

Denso North America


DENSO Robotics is now selling its LPH series of low-cost, high-performance robots. DENSO developed the entry-level LPH to meet demand for precision robots for light-duty manufacturing applications. Equipment manufacturers who are new to automation, companies reinventing their product lines every three to five years, and entrepreneurs launching new devices are among those who make up the growing market for high-quality robots that don’t break the bank.

Compact and lightweight, the LPH is a 4-axis selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) built to handle a maximum payload of more than 6 lb (3kg) with a maximum arm reach of 1.3ft (400mm). When operated routinely at the highest rated payload, the LPH has a life up to five years. For lighter loads, the LPH has longer life.

In addition to price, competitive advantages of the LPH include a large T-axis with a gripper design that offers a high degree of freedom and supports different configurations. The high-performance RC8 controller increases operational efficiency by allowing the robot and surrounding equipment to be controlled together.

A free option enables direct control of the robot from the programmable logic controller through the function block feature. This capability supports 107 types of commands that can be pre-programmed and saves time by allowing adjustments to be made without having to create additional programs.

DENSO backs its LPH series robots with a warranty that covers factory parts and labor for 18 months. DENSO offers online warranty registration with no service or maintenance contract required.