Integrated motor/actuator

Integrated motor/actuator

October 11, 2019

Motion Control Motors/Drive

Chanhassen, Minnesota – Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division Exlar has released its newest integrated motor/actuator, the Exlar GTX100. The GTX100 is the second frame size in the integrated motor/actuator series. Incorporating Curtiss-Wright’s patented inverted roller screw technology, the GTX100´s high power density and compact form factor make it a replacement for hydraulic cylinders.

The GTX Series actuators offer the power, precision, and programmability of a servo system while minimizing the maintenance difficulties and mess of hydraulics. With continuous force ratings up to 15,392N (3,460lbf), speeds up to 953mm/sec (37.5ips), and standard stroke lengths from 150mm (5.9") to 300mm (11.8"), the GTX100 can be applied across a wide range of factory automation applications.

The GTX Series features include:

-High capacity planetary roller screws offering up to 15x the life and significantly higher shock load resistance than a comparably sized ball screw

-IP65S (min.) environmental protection

-Seamless integration into most leading motion control architectures

-Removable front seal bushing greatly simplifies maintenance and re-greasing of nut assembly to maximize actuator life

-Modular design with bolt-on mounting hardware allows effortless mounting reconfiguration or replacement in the field using commonly available tools

-Smoother, quieter operation compared to previous generation designs