Mobile flow rack

Mobile flow rack

November 17, 2020

Creform Corporation

Greer, South Carolina – Material handling and commercial structures manufacturer Creform Corp. has designed and produced a flow rack with the front featuring a hinged section. The section tilts to create an extra angle at the loading position for an enhanced view into the tote and easier component placement. Once the tote is full it can then be rotated down and sent to the rear of the flow rack with no lifting required. The feature provides for quick and ergonomic access and a way to ensure first-in, first-out (FIFO) presentation of parts particularly in an assembly area.

The ESD flow rack, with anti-static black pipe and nickel-plated metal joints, also features one level for container presentation in the ergonomic strike zone. Each of the cart’s levels can be repositioned or the entire flow rack can be customized with only simple tools. 

The flow rack lanes feature precision wide Creform PLACON® roller conveyors with 1 5/8" sized rollers that ensure reliable and smooth flow. Below the conveyors are sections of flat shelves for additional storage.  The shelves feature 0.5" HDPE surface material for durability and easy loading/unloading.

The large flow rack’s dimensions are 145" L x 25” W x 58” T, it is designed to hold up to 500 lb. The rack features eight stem casters with 3" wheels to easily move the rack for repositioning or cleaning. Creform flow racks can be designed on feet rather than wheels.

As with all Creform flow racks, higher capacities, custom sizes and configurations are possible as are a wide variety of pipe colors. Accessories can include information sheet holders, label holders to identify lanes, tool storage, hooks to hang tools and other supplies. Creform Structures can be built for standard anti-static (ESD) applications. They are available as a kit or an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution.

The Creform System is used to create an array of material handling and efficiency enhancing devices and is a proven component in continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. The company partners with customers in developing and implementing these programs.