AGV parts handling system

AGV parts handling system

November 3, 2017

Material Handling

Creform Corp.'s parts-handling system for injection molded parts consists of a Creform BST AGV Model CA-A50060-NSI and Creform built carts. The AGV works as an automated tugger that runs along a 50mm wide magnetic tape guidepath, slips under stationary carts, and then carries the carts to designated stations.

Creform BST AGV Tuggers can handle a 50 course, 128 command control by programming with a PC or HMI. The AGV runs on 24V DC (two 12V batteries) and can typically have 10 hours of run time. 

Each cart features high quality 4" casters to handle the frequent movements by the AGV as well as special hitch plates that enhance auto coupling/uncoupling of carts by AGV. Hitch plates, with swivel casters at both ends, allow the carts to be towed in either direction.

Each cart is rated for a distributed load of 400 lb. The dimensions on the carts are 110”L x 32”W x 37”T.

Optional equipment includes an opportunity charging system to minimize the need for manual battery changes and an upgrade with radio communication to integrate into a Creform traffic control system.