A-frame kitting cart

A-frame kitting cart

January 28, 2020

Creform Corporation

Assembly Automation

Greer, South Carolina – Creform Corp. engineers have designed and built an A-frame kitting cart with dividers that help long and slender parts to be presented and stored vertically.

Vertical storage is a good way for manufacturers to sort not-so-common multiple length products for quick visual identification and retrieval. Three sets of pins keep the components separated for protection and easy selection by an associate. The kitting cart allows the associate to handle the parts directly with no packaging to deal with, which improves the overall efficiency of the operation.

The components held are supported by a base that features 0/5" HDPE plastic shelves supported by Creform pipe. The continuous plastic shelf ensures that nothing falls through and the box design of the base, ensuring stored parts are firmly secured and that nothing will kick free out the bottom. An upper and lower retaining strap ensures product is secure for long distance transport.

Another shelf at the back of the cart provides a place to store items that need to accompany the cart during production with supplies such as hardware. The cart features four 5" swivel casters wheels for easy, stable, and safe movement. A separate floor lock is integrated into the cart’s base to hold the cart in place.

The user can kit up his parts in the warehouse supermarket area to efficiently maximize time.

Options include feet rather than wheels for stationary operations, label holders to identify positions, hooks, and clipboards. The cart can be outfitted with a hitch for towing by a Creform automated guided vehicles (AGV) Tugger unit to make the cart part of an AGV-supported kitting system.

Higher capacity and custom cart sizes and configurations are possible with the Creform system of 28mm, 32mm, and 42mm plastic coated steel pipes and metal joints. They can be configured for anti-static applications and are available as a kit or an assembled structure or in the component form for a complete DIY solution.