Sandblasting to texture, strip, cut, deburr

Sandblasting to texture, strip, cut, deburr

August 3, 2018

Comco Inc.
Cleaning/Passivating Grinding/Abrasives Surface Finish

Burbank, California – Comco Inc. will exhibit at the IMTS 2018 - The International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago, September 10-15, 2018 in booth #23738. 

Comco will have its manual MicroBlasting system on-hand for demonstration at the show. The manual system features the AccuFlo and the ProCenter Plus.

When knives, tumblers or chemicals are too risky, micro-precision sandblasting provides a safe alternative for refining small, high-value parts. Comco manufactures MicroBlasting systems that use very fine abrasives, miniature nozzles, and a patented abrasive feed. The result is a precise tool for removing conformal coating, deburring cross-drilled holes, texturing titanium, and processing intricate and delicate parts. The process transitions seamlessly from manual to automated applications.

Sample parts for testing are welcome at Comco’s Applications Lab in Burbank, where engineers evaluate parts tested with different abrasive media and conditions to determine the most efficient approach for each application.