Laser ablation parts cleaning

Laser ablation parts cleaning

September 7, 2018

Coldwater Machine Co.
3D/Additive/Alternative Cleaning/Passivating Surface Finish

Coldwater, Ohio – Coldwater Machine Co. has announced its laser ablation system design and build capability. Systems can be designed to stand-alone or for integration into any manufacturing process that requires cleaning of parts prior to another operation.

Laser ablation can serve as an alternative to traditional surface finishing solutions. Compared to grinding, lasers create a cleaner, smoother surface by eliminating burrs and nicks without increasing surface roughness. And, compared to fluid washers, laser ablations stations typically have a significantly smaller footprint, require fewer components, and are easier to maintain.

The company recently integrated a 3ft x 3ft laser ablation station around existing automation within a laser welding cell. Components needing cleaning travel on a conveyor into a Class 1 laser enclosure. The door comes down to enclose the part and shield the light emitted from the 100W laser.

Situated on a servo-driven powered slide unit, the part is raised up and rotated 360° to ensure that any dust, oil, coolant, or debris is removed from all sides.