COE's single reel design

COE Press Equipment re-designed its single reel uncoilers. Featuring a new modular design, the reels make it easier for customers to add optional features at later dates, helping adapt to changing shop floor needs. Additionally, whereas the previous model featured weldments, the new design employs bolted components making the reels more robust and reliable.

The reels are capable of handling coil loads of up to 60,000#, processing yield strength up to 300KSI.  They handle coil widths up to 78”, OD up to 72” and ID up to 24.75”. They can be configured to work in a “pull-off” application with power straighteners and roll forming equipment, or they can be provided as “pay-off” reels with the drive mechanism to unwind the coil built into the machine with AC variable speed drive up to 20HP.
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