Machine tool laser calibration

Machine tool laser calibration

June 24, 2019

Centric International Inc.

Chicago, Illinois – Multi-line CNC machine tool importer Centric is partnering with German manufacturer Status Pro to provide their line of machine tool laser alignment systems to the North American machine tool industry.

Each system offers a customized solution for analyzing and reporting deviations in machine geometry. As Status Pro’s exclusive partner in the Americas, Centric laser measurement tools for machine installation, machine correction, and preventative maintenance.

Precision alignment and positioning accuracy is critical to consistent, productive manufacturing and quality assurance. Using laser technology, each alignment system offers a faster, easier, and more accurate alternative to standard granite blocks and water levels.

Each self-calibrating laser uses precise fiber optics and Bluetooth technology to provide a quick, easy-to-read report on any aspect of machine tool geometry. Available equipment includes digital spirit levels, self-calibrating sweeping lasers, and interferometers. Additionally, alignment packages include a mobile device for data analysis.

Each system will analyze and report on machine alignment and can be customized to identify various deviations to machine tool geometry including straightness, flatness, roll and pitch errors, squareness, parallelism, and pitch error compensation. This critical precision and accuracy information improves workpiece quality and machine performance, reduces part setup time, and establishes a geometric baseline for preventative maintenance.

Centric also offers calibration and alignment service, ball-bar testing, and 5-axis head testing.