UV bond workholding grippers

UV bond workholding grippers

July 24, 2020

Blue Photon


Blue Photon now offers metric-sized, high performance ultraviolet (UV) light transmitting workholding grippers. Designed with multiple diameters to hold small to large workpieces. The grippers are inserted into a fixture, and the workpiece is secured to the grippers with BlueGrip, gel-like adhesive material. UV light is transmitted through the core of the gripper for 60 seconds to 90 seconds to cure the adhesive, bonding the gripper to the part. These robust workholding components are engineered to achieve the same extraordinary results as imperial sized products.

The Blue Photon workholding technology assists engineers to find the highest performance system for their machining production while simplifying workholding for challenging projects. Blue photon workholding improves tolerances and part access, reduces scrap, and eliminates extra processes.