Small digital boring heads

Small digital boring heads

October 9, 2020

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc

Hoffman Estates, Illinois – BIG KAISER Precision Tooling is expanding its offering of digital boring heads to include head sizes down to the CKB1 modular tooling connection size, which means boring down to 0.787" diameter for Series 310 peripheric heads, and 0.016" diameter for Series 112 centric boring heads.

The new heads will feature the same boring ranges and accept the same accessory products as their standard analog counterparts. This ensures an easy transition to digital tooling for all applications.

Due to the small sizes of these boring heads, the digital display will no longer be present on the head itself, rather the adjustment value will be shown on a separate mobile device or tablet that has the BIG KAISER app installed. Once connected to the head, the app also can be used to set the target diameter and tolerance. This information will stay assigned to the specific head connected until it is changed by the operator. Along with the last measured cut information (entered by the operator each time an adjustment needs to be made), the app can show the adjustment required to get the head set to the target diameter.

An optional handheld device that simply displays the incremental adjustment value is also available. This is useful for shops that may not permit personal mobile device use on the shop floor. The unit has 4 push buttons for ease of use – Enter/ON, Back/Disconnect/OFF, Scroll down (Tool Select, Metric/Inch), Display Reset – as well as a battery level indicator.