Ultrasonic cleaner for 3D post processing

Ultrasonic cleaner for 3D post processing

August 6, 2019

Bel Air Finishing

3D/Additive/Alternative Cleaning/Passivating

Bel Air’s FM-CU2024 all-in-one ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, and dyeing system is for 3D post-processing of HP-PA, EOS PA, and many other materials. Parts can be prepared for dyeing and coating in the ultrasonic cleaner, complete with heating, agitation, and filtration. Ultrasonic transducers are field replaceable for ease of service.

The FM-CU2024 is modular, with each part available for purchase separately as needed. Various optional features are also available to create a workflow tailored to individual needs. The FM-CU1012 is a console unit complete and mobile for cleaning and dyeing.