USB 3.0 inspection cameras

USB 3.0 inspection cameras

October 26, 2018

Basler AG
Automation Design Components Quality/Metrology

Four new Basler ace U cameras with the IMX287 and IMX273 sensors from Sony’s Pregius series are in series production. The four USB 3.0 models extend the ace U product line in the range of lower resolutions up to 1.6MP.

Delivering up to 525 frames per second (fps), the IMX273 sensor offers Pregius image quality, high speeds, and low noise. The IMX287 sensor has twice the pixel size with an edge length of 6.9µm. This results in an increased saturation capacity, a higher dynamic range with the same sensitivity, and also low noise.

Both sensors feature the Ultra Short Exposure Time Mode, which enables extremely short exposure times of up to 1µs. This makes the cameras particularly attractive for applications with fast movement.

The four new ace U USB 3.0 cameras include the feature set PGI, a unique combination of 5x5 debayering, color-anti-aliasing, denoising, and improved sharpness.