Robotic machine tending platform

Robotic machine tending platform

October 8, 2018

Automation within Reach

Dayton, Ohio – A new, free-standing robotic loading and unloading platform that makes automation affordable for any size CNC shop is available. A product of Dayton, Ohio-based Automation within Reach, Load & Go is simple to install and operate, using an intuitive, menu-driven HMI that eliminates the need for advanced programming skills.

Four parts drawers accommodate a wide range of round, square or rectangular part IDs and ODs for low volume, high mix production runs to provide the versatility needed to meet changing customer demands. A rotary table version is also available.

The ability to store part programs on board, the menu-driven HMI, and adjustable, universal part templates in the drawer version for quick part loading, enable complete changeovers in less than 10 minutes.

Because Load & Go is compact and self-contained, installation consists of simply locating the unit opposite the door of the CNC machine it tends, bolting it to the floor and connecting electrical power, air supply, and Ethernet.

Load & Go enables CNC shops to automate labor-intensive loading and unloading with a minimal investment that will reduce cost-per-part and deliver fast ROI.