ANCA’s FX7 RFID and LaserUltra

ANCA’s FX7 RFID and LaserUltra

August 15, 2022


The FX7 is fitted with ANCA’s Dynamic Tool Loading System, which is ideal for customers manufacturing or regrinding a wide and varied range of tools in small to medium size batches. The tool management system with RFID links unique tool programs to the correct tool in a loader pallet. This works in conjunction with automated Schunk collet changing to allow unattended grinding of random tool diameters and types.

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The FX7 robot loader also changes wheel packs based on the individual tool grinding program linked to the RFID coding. With a six-station wheel changer and the ability to change collets the ANCA FX7 with RFID is the ultimate automation package.

The FX7 is additionally fitted with new LaserUltra, for automated post process tool measurement within the grinding machine itself.  Measuring cutter profile and diameter to +/-0.002mm, LaserUltra can provide compensation feedback to ensure accuracy and consistency with unattended tool grinding operations.