Drill for shallow holes

Drill for shallow holes

September 24, 2018

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.


Dover, Ohio – Allied Machine & Engineering’s 4TEX drill is for making 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD holes from 12mm to 47mm (0.472" to 1.850"). Industries working with a variety of materials – especially aerospace, heavy equipment, automotive, and energy industry applications – will benefit from the excellent chip formation provided by the 4TEX drill’s unique geometries. The drill is also a choice for making interrupted cuts, or drilling on an incline or angled surface. The design allows certain operations to be performed without having to first mill the surface.

The 4TEX drill’s single effective cutting edge provides higher penetration rates than standard twist drills for light-duty machines. The center coolant outlet was eliminated to increase the drill’s core strength in this design, resulting in improved hole size and straightness. Instead, twisted coolant outlets were added to improve hole straightness and penetration rates by enhancing coolant flow and superior chip evacuation. Insert geometries for standard ISO material categories improve hole quality and penetration rate, while eliminating issues from chips wrapping the tool.

4TEX inserts are 4-sided, lowering customers’ cost per hole. The insert shape improves surface finish, hole diameter, and hole straightness by providing a balanced cut compared to ISO inserts. The drills will be stocked in both imperial and metric shanks with standard fractional diameters, as well as every 0.5mm diameter up to 26mm and every 1mm up to 47mm.