Asymmetric X-, Y-stage

Asymmetric X-, Y-stage

March 2, 2020

Alio Industries
Motion Control Toolholding/Workholding

Arvada, Colorado – ALIO Industries is introducing another nanomater-level precision positioning solution, its new Asymmetric X-, Y-stages.

Asymmetric stages provide a solution with identical performance, lower moving mass, and a smaller static and dynamic footprint compared to square-body designed, monolithic-series counterparts. They also offer a lower working height than traditional XY stacks and without the tuning limitations of stacked assemblies. They provide customers with the exact X and Y travel ranges needed for their applications without the cost of excess travel that is not required.

Three standard versions with asymmetric body designs/travel lengths are now available with customized versions offered for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) programs.

The recently introduced Asymmetric stage fits within the overall stable of ALIO’s nanometer-level motion control solutions and removes some limitations that manufacturers have had to endure when they require different X- and Y-axis travel.