Multi-function mini arm

Multi-function mini arm

June 14, 2019

Air Technical Industries
Automation Material Handling

Mentor, Ohio – Air Technical Industries’ (ATI) multifunctional mini-Articularm is agile and flexible with an articulating arm reach of 72". It can give the operator 150 lb of extra muscle strength and the ability to position effortlessly in X-, Y-, Z-, or R-axis in a 12ft circle area.

The unit helps the operator ergonomically to use brain power instead of muscle power for lifting, reaching, bending, pulling, and pushing. This prevents injuries and increases production and performance, saving time, improving moral, and getting the job done easier and faster.

The 6 axes of articulation are:

  • Lifting action
  • Wrist rotation 360°
  • Forearm swing 270°
  • Vertical tool arm swing 360°
  • Gripper, lifting hook, or fixture action
  • Tool arm roll axis

The mini-Articularm can be electrically powered 110V single phase, 240V-to-480V 3-phase, or air powered for hazardous areas. The controls are momentary rocker switch built into the control handle.