AD30L Sinker EDM

AD30L Sinker EDM

May 19, 2011

Sodick Inc.
EDM Machines

Sodick, Inc., has released the AD30L, linear motor driven Sinker EDM which features a small footprint and linear motor drives on 3-Axes.

The AD30L features the SVC Circuit. Voltage is controlled by the SVC Circuit; therefore the surface finish can be uniformly and efficiently controlled to provide a high-grade texture or mirror surfaces in a very short period of time. The AD30L also achieves Zero Electrode Wear. This Zero Electrode Wear technology allows the EDMing of steel materials with virtually zero electrode wear when using graphite or copper electrodes. Less electrode wear results in fewer electrodes required for machining, saving on production costs and errors associated with multi-electrode preparation. The AD30L has an X, Y, Z travel of 12.59” (320mm) x 7.87” (200mm) x 9.84” (250mm) and can accommodate workpieces up to 1,212 lb (550kg).

The AD30L can reduce EDMing time by up to 50% over conventional EDMs. Since the AD30L is linear motor driven, there are no ball screws or couplings eliminating backlash completely. Glass scales are on the X, Y and X axes ensuring complete accuracy. The AD30L comes standard with a 10-year positioning guarantee, providing the user with peace of mind knowing that positioning accuracy will not be lost.

Sodick Inc. has sold more than 50,000 EDMs worldwide and has had more than 25,000 linear motor EDM deliveries.  Sodick machines are used for the production of dies and molds and other various applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods. Sodick has three ISO certified manufacturing facilities with more than 3,100 employees worldwide and technical centers located in Chicago, New Jersey, and California. Sodick offers the industry’s first 10-year positioning guarantee on all of its linear motor driven EDMs.

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