Digital readout for EDM machines

Digital readout for EDM machines

October 3, 2019


Schaumburg, Illinois – Heidenhain Corp.’s ACU-RITE brand introduces new software for its 300 Series digital readout (DRO) that now allows users to control a sinker EDM machine. This new development broadens this established DRO’s use to include most common manual shop machines such as milling, turning, grinding, and EDM in a single DRO.

When ACU-RITE’s new EDM software is loaded into a DRO300 and coupled with an IOB 610 interface box, it enables the simple control of sinker EDM using three relay signals. This software is now included on all new multipurpose DRO300s. For those who already own an ACU-RITE DRO300, v1.3.1 can be downloaded for free on the Software Updates page of

ACU-RITE DRO300 features for EDM control:

• Automatic Depth Programming - The EDM machine’s ram can be configured to automatically retract or dwell at the target depth

• Dwell Cycle – The relay holds the Z depth until spark-out occurs or can control an orbiter cycle

• Reverse Fault Detection - Prevents creep out of the bath during a burn cycle

• EDM Display Mode - Shows the current ram depth, the maximum depth reached, and the target depth simultaneously on the three-axis displays