3D printing suitability calculator

3D printing suitability calculator

November 12, 2018


3D/Additive/Alternative Materials Software

Additive manufacturing (AM) is radically revolutionizing industrial production technology. Yet, identifying parts and components that are suitable for 3D printing remains a big challenge for companies that have implemented, or are considering the implementation of 3D printing in everyday production. 3YourMind's Additive Manufacturing (AM) Part Identifier solves this issue.

The AM Part Identifier automatically checks large part databases to detect which parts are good businesses cases for 3D printing, and whether to switch from traditional to AM for any given part. The analysis consists of both technical and economic aspects and is based on metadata of individual components, such as material selection, quality and production requirements or specifications from CAD programs (optional).

AM Part Identifier helps reduce research time and cost while looking for applications for 3D printing.

Use case screening
Practically every employee in the company – whether in design, procurement, or production – can check components for economic and technical AM-feasibility using a clearly structured and digitized process.

Designers can run new parts through our screening process and check whether they are potential AM parts before they even open a CAD program, then create an AM-optimized design, avoiding costly redesigning of parts.

With a click, relevant 3D models can be transferred into 3YourMInd's other tools to enter an end-to-end AM workflow, making adoption of AM, whether for series production or prototyping, a seamless and automated experience. The full suite of tools facilitates fully automated printability analysis, the optimization of components, material selection and price calculation, the placement of print jobs in the production workflow, and comprehensive data analysis for optimizing AM.